When it is the school holidays, you know your kids can start to get restless. So, it is important that you plan activities ahead so that you can keep them engaged and entertained throughout the holidays. It would be ideal to have them involved in the process of planning out their own activities for the holidays as this would make them feel involved with their ideas and thoughts taken in to consideration and is a good time to bond as a family. There are different types of activities that you would want your kids to enjoy, but having their input as to what they enjoy the most will make it a memorable and fun holiday for everyone. Let’s take a look at some of the basic activities that you can have your kids take part in.

Brainstorm for Activities

Sit down with your kids prior to the holidays and plan out some activities. This will make them feel like they are somewhat in control of their own holiday activities. Besides, planning things ahead of time will give your children specific activities that they enjoy to look forward to. This in turn will give your kids something to look forward to thereby making them happier and more relaxed. Let them come up with 2-3 ideas for activities and then you can all get together as a family and discuss them, keeping in mind what is good or appropriate for them.

Take A Walk or Hike

A nature walk is an excellent way of getting the kids outside to get some fresh air and exert some energy. If a local park is less exciting then, you can always visit a nature trail where it’s safe and they can’t wander off or get lost easily. You can find these online near your home if you wish. To avoid them from losing focus, keep them occupied with a particular task during the walk. For example, picking up pine cones for an art or design project or spotting various birds or squirrels can keep them occupied. If you want to get away and have a family activity this is ideal, or you could also use fishing charters Darwin to go fish in the deep sea or even a lake close to your home.

Setting Up Play Dates

For those kids who might be missing their school mates during the holidays, you can organize play dates.

This can easily be in the comfort of your own home. You can call up their friend’s parents up and ask them if they would be interested to bring over their kids to have a play date. It is best to also mention the date and times so that it is easier to plan and make a decision. Ideally, having the play date for 2-3 hours is sufficient, making sure that all the kids are watched over keenly throughout their time. After all, it is your responsibility to take care of them as much as you would like them to have fun and enjoy themselves.

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