Every organization makes it a point to host a leisure trip with their employees, once in a year at least, because they all deserve a break. Here are a few factors to think about when you want to pick destinations and accommodations.

A Decent Spot

Opting for a decent place is important when you are on leisure trips with your work folks. ‘Decent here, would mean pleasant environments that do not make you feel uncomfortable or hindered in any way.

As a team, you’re likely to have plans of doing a couple of fun or relaxing things during your stay, and so, the surroundings shouldn’t hinder your plans in any way. Make sure you are surrounded by nice and friendly people, and also that there are no threats of robbery or crime in the area. It’s important to take safety seriously just as you would when you’re tripping with your own family.

Comfort and Facilities

Tripping with a group will certainly cost you a bit of money. You need to make sure that the money you spend on this trip is worth it. When you’ve booked an accommodation for your group, you need to see that they offer you all the facilities without any shortcoming. You also need to make sure that everyone enjoys comfort and ease during their stay, just like how they’re meant to.

Keep in mind that Your team mates and colleagues are here for leisure, and so, they need to have a pleasant experience like they deserve. The accommodation you choose will play a huge role in assuring they enjoy a comfortable, pleasant, and peaceful stay. Therefore, make sure you look into the facilities and services when you’re deciding on a place. Look up accommodation Geelong CBD to find a couple of great options that offer great stays and service.


As mentioned previously, your team is likely to have plans of doing a couple of fun things during this trip. It would be best of you could pick an accommodation where you’ll be able to engage in some recreation and relaxation more conveniently.

For instance, some places offer you a range of activities within their property, or somewhere around the corner, so that their guests won’t have to go off to different places to have fun. Beachside accommodations for instance, are likely to offer you great options for entertainment and relaxation.


If you want to relax and have a good experience on your trip, it’s important that you schedule it appropriately. Think about the weather when you schedule your trip. Even though you’ve got everything else in order, bad weather can easily ruin it all completely! Therefore, timing is truly a crucial factor. Make sure you and your team choose to trip when the suns are out and shining so that you won’t have to have any disappointments.


Set aside a decent budget so you can have a great time together in a way that it satisfies everyone equally. If it’s an annual trip, you know that everyone’s going to have to wait quite a long time until ‘next time.’ Therefore, make sure you set a budget that allows you to have a good time just as  you deserve it.


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