Oh yes, beautiful Italy with all its grace and culture. If you’ve never been to Italy before, you definitely should and make sure the trip is long enough for you to get the gist of everything and not just sightseeing. But if you’ve been to Italy before and all you did was visit, take pictures and sightseeing, you are in for a treat.

Wine Tastings Are the Best

Italian folk love their pasta, cheese and you guessed it, wine. Therefore, wine tastings are a very common occasion in Italy and most locals unhurriedly take their time to participate in one. So, what better chance to live a day like an Italian or make some new friends other than a wine tasting.

There Is More

Yes, cheese tastings are a thing too. If you are a fan of cheese or if you want to purchase some to take it back home, go ahead and enjoy some nibbles.

Their Most Epic Cycling Festival

The ‘Granfondo La Fausto Coppi‘ festival is basically a bicycle race. You may wish to spectate or participate. Either way, it is so much fun. It is held on the 8th of July and is named after a famous champion due to his legendary victories. You will see photographers fighting to get the best shot and the police blocking the area, even helicopters will make an appearance. Your trip will never have a more epic series of moments than this so why not attend?

Fun Modes of Transport

You could even opt for cycling tours, hiking or walking rather than taxis. The bus is fun too but imagine the wind on your face as you cycle past the streets of culture. In addition to that, taxis are expensive, especially for tourists. Don’t always reach out to a guide. If you visit a city like Rome (obviously), try engaging yourself in a free walking tour, getting your bearings by yourself. That way you might get to see the eyes through the eyes of a local.

Hunt for Truffles

If you are a fan if truffles or if you just feel like doing it. Hunting for truffles in the wild in Italy is a very fun and adventurous activity. You even get to spend your time with a dog that actually hunts for you. Then a talented chef will prepare your dinner with the gold you’ve found; your truffles.

Visit Ravenna

The place is very lowkey compared to places like Rome but it is the host to pretty palazzos and resplendent collections of early Christian mosaics. You will be taken aback for sure.

Don’t Forget to Explore Verona

Whether you pick a bicycle tour or to walk, it is essential that you take a trip through this Shakespearean town. You will be able to reminisce on the tragic tale of Romeo and Juliet here. You could even pay a visit to Juliet’s house, that even Shakespeare never did.

You may even find other things to do as you go, make sure you participate in whatever is possible; no regrets!

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