Hotel managing and maintenance isn’t all that easy. Unlike a traditional restaurant, hotels come with extra luggage. There seem to be so many components at a hotel such as a gym, spa and even pool that have to be maintained. However, nowadays a pressing problem that is seemed most frequently is good hotel management which is not environmentally sustainable. This will ultimately result in a bad reputation for the hotel as environmental sustenance has now been given priority in the hospitality as well as the corporate sector. Therefore, we’ve taken these problems into hand and compiled a list of ways to keep your hotel environmentally sustainable.

Use Bamboo Straws In The Restaurants

Say NO to plastic! Plastic straws are a huge issue today and if you are using it you are guaranteed to get more than one customer complaint. It is also a huge destroyer of the environment especially if you own a hotel near the beach. Then these plastic straws can be especially detrimental to the lives of the sea animals that live nearby. Bamboo l straws are moreover a cheap alternative for plastic straws and are particularly environmentally sustainable. If you aren’t for this option, however, there is also the option of metal straws which are a tad bit more expensive but one that you can make readily available for your guests to purchase and reuse whenever they would like to.

Use A Sand Filter In The Pool

Pool maintenance can be extremely costly. Most often than not one goes out of one’s way to add many chemicals into the pool with the idea that it will be kept clean. However, the easiest and cheapest way to purify water lies in the use of a sand filter. Companies such as River Sands sell ones that are incredibly environmentally sustainable and actually re-use the water that they recycle. This will ensure that your pool water is kept clean for your guests to enjoy but also that it is done in an environmentally sustainable way.

Use Natural Energy

When you work in a hotel or own one you are prone to use the latest technology to run it. Thereby we see that instead of using natural energy such as wind energy – equipment such as dryers, dishwashers are used. This could especially harm the environment we live in as well as waste electricity to a great extent. Moreover, with regard to drying clothes as well as wind energy that is naturally and freely available a  can be as equally efficient as a dryer. If you are considering going all the way however, at relatively more expensive cost one can invest in a solar power panel and power the hot water systems as well as lights and air conditioning through this. Many do not opt for this as the initial cost is high but when considering the long term effects if this it can be noted to be extremely beneficial.

Thus, through this, you can realize that our environment must be key in any sector and saving it in any way a priority. It does not require big, expensive steps but little ones as mentioned above will make all the difference.

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