The city of Melbourne is definitely a city of dreams. With all of its rich mixture of arts, culture and food, this city will surely touch your heart and revive your exhausted soul. There is always a lot to see and more to taste in Melbourne and you will never be short on options in this serene and culture rich haven.

Before The Tour

Although your excitement is definitely sky high, you must still keep in mind that for your trip to go smoothly and as planned, you should be prepared before the actual tour of the city. Preventing travel troubles is a must for you to fully enjoy the sights and the new experiences that Melbourne is about to give you. First, if you are not familiar with the place or you are traveling by yourself and your confidence in finding your way is not that much, you must find an airport transfer company that can give you the safe and secured travel that you are looking for. These companies even provide airport chauffeurs who are highly trained to provide you with a safe and secure ride. Apart from that, you must also make it a point that all your essential travel documents are with you and are readily accessible should you need them. Lastly, if you are to enjoy a fun day and you want to immortalize your happy smiles at the city, do not forget your camera.

The Majestic St. Paul’s Cathedral

If you are an art buff, you will definitely enjoy being at the serene and majestic St. Paul’s Cathedral in Melbourne. The brickwork of this cathedral is identified as polychromatic or multi-colored and its floor is mosaic. Any art enthusiast will certainly enjoy being within the walls of this magnificent structure.

The Thrilling Eureka Tower

Are you fond of thrilling adventures that is one for the books? If you are and you happen to be in Melbourne, then you better visit Eureka tower, a skyscraper that is almost 300 meters tall. In this tower, you can be able to enjoy an aerial view of the city through its famous Skydeck. The thrill and excitement of being at the top of a structure as tall as the Eureka tower paired with a magical view of the city of Melbourne is an adventure that you would never want to miss.

The National Gallery of Victoria

Another one for the art lover is the National Gallery of Victoria where more than 60,000 art pieces are found. Whether you like modern art, historical art, fashion, furniture or even European art pieces, you will definitely find that everything can be seen in this wonderful museum of artistry and creativity. The collection is absolutely diverse with pieces coming also from Asia and other parts of the world.

A Taste of Melbourne’s Finest Cuisine

Of course, your tour will not be complete without getting a taste of what food is like in Melbourne. You are actually lucky if you are foodie because Melbourne is known for having a wide variety of tasty food and specialties. Be sure to visit the popular restaurants in the city to get a taste of what living in Melbourne is like.

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