Traveling for vacation or exploration is definitely a trending thing today. With the fast-paced city life of a lot of people, a few days of serenity and calm in the beach or a visit to the best and most beautiful cities in the world just to see tourist spots is definitely a joy. A lot of places are available to see end enjoy but the most sought-after a holiday in Australia would probably be the east coast.

The East Coast Vacation Is A Diverse Vacation

The east coast has a lot of lovely and scenic views that cater to different kinds of vacationists. Whether you are a surfing enthusiast or you enjoy walking in cities and exploring their history and culture or if you are someone who loves to look at wildlife, you will definitely find something that will make you want to visit the east coast over and over again. Are you ready to go on your east coast tours? You will surely enjoy it no matter where you are headed to.

The Artistic City Of Melbourne

The city of Melbourne is definitely an art enthusiast’s haven with its rich and beautiful artistic history and culture and its relaxing laid back vibe. If you want to get a really good aerial view of the city, you can visit the renowned Eureka Skydeck and take all of the beautiful scenery in. The street art and laneways in this city are also widely known for their artistic qualities that make people come back to see more of them. Cafes and shops are everywhere so you can just sit back and relax as you enjoy the beautiful and scenic view of the artistic city of Melbourne.

The Photographic City Of Sydney

Another city that is widely known for its scenic view would be Sydney. In this metropolis, tourists are drawn to the exquisiteness of the city and its structures and they are given the best opportunity to take the best photos of it while taking the ferry ride for a day. You can also visit the Sydney Opera House and sit on its steps. Its markets and harbours are also very beautiful and are photographic. Take as many pictures as you want and see the beauty of this city in all of its parts and facets.

Surf At Byron Bay

Whether you are a beginner or pro at surfing, you are sure to enjoy your stay at the Byron Bay. With its laid-back waves and beautiful pristine beaches, the scenery and atmosphere of relaxation are definitely to die for. Its cosy vibe and relaxing ambiance make tourists coming back for more. Surfing is one way to enjoy your stay in this magnificent place and you can even enjoy the view of the sunrise while watching in the Byron Bay lighthouse. If you are looking for a glimpse of this place’s history, you can also go and visit the hippie village of Nimbin. The east coast is truly a remarkable and very vibrant place where you can relax, explore and learn as you enjoy your much-needed vacation

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