There used to be a time not so long ago that travelling used to be only something that rich people could do. Airlines tickets used to cost a fortune and only the elite got to go around the world. But nowadays with the introduction of budget airlines everyone can afford to travel. As a wise man once said, “travelling is something that everybody should do, it cleanses the soul”. While this quote is true, travelling does have its share of headaches. So let’s look at some way where you can travel hassle free

Budget First

It all starts with a proper planning. A budget will give you an idea of what kind of trip that you are planning and how and where you will be living. It is important to understand that you do not be very strict with an exact figure that you will be spending. Give a bit of a breathing room so that you may be able to compensate in case of any emergency that may occur.

Choose Convenience

Remember that you should make sure to choose things that will be the most comfortable for you. Some people tend to be so frugal that they end up compromising on their comfort. For example if you live really far from the airport, you can opt to finding airport parking and leave your car overnight provided that it is safe and within budget.  For other people, it may be as simple as choosing a flight that is in the morning than late at night. It’s important to remember it is okay to spend a bit extra to be a little bit comfortable.

Be Old-Fashioned

Due to the emerging technology people have to tend to move more into the world of online ticketing and so forth. Although it is great to have technology at your fingertips, it is always better to print your ticket and boarding pass like olden days. The reason being that you might be travelling to countries that might not be as technologically advanced as the one that you live in. So in times like these, small things such as printing out your documents can save you a lot of time and money.

Avoid Baggage If Possible

This might be a double-edged option as you obviously need clothes if you are travelling. But in case the duration of your journey is short why not pack light?  Most airlines allow a check-in baggage of up to 7kgs. If your journey is only going to be a couple of days maybe you should consider only taking one bag. This way you do not have to go through the trouble of losing your baggage and also, you will be able to get out of the airport as soon as you have cleared your immigration.

Always Carry a Hoodie

Regardless of whether you are travelling to someplace cold or hot make sure you always carry a sweater or a hoodie with you. The reason is that the temperature in the airport and airplane may not be suitable for every individual. You might end up being really cold through the entire journey. In this case having a sweater will ensure that you are warm and travel as comfortable as possible

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