Looking for ways to entertain kids during annual family trips could be a bit daunting because of several reasons. 1. Kids have varied interests especially those with a big age gap. What toddlers find entertaining is childish to grade schoolers. 2. Kids get bored easily. What they find enjoyable now, they will soon get tired of soon. And 3. Kids have boundless energy and are inquisitive, most of them prefer outdoorsy activities.


Luckily, Melbourne is a kid friendly city with activities and events that are entertaining, educational and which the whole family will surely love. Check the list below and pick whichever best describe your kid/s.

For The Animal Lover

If your kids are fans of sea and land animals, they would surely enjoy your time in Melbourne as long as you visit the Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium and Melbourne Zoo. A visit to the aquarium is sure to be educational as well with the children having the chance to watch aquatic animals in their habitat while walking through the Oceanarium. Guests could also experience handling starfishes and sea urchins at the touch pool. Most of these activities are also included in most cheap tours Melbourne. An experience with wildlife land animals is also possible at the Melbourne Zoo especially animals which are endemic to Australia. Elephants, Brown Bears, Kangaroos, Snow Leopards and more are protected and cared for in the zoo.

For The Science Geek

Scienceworks Museum has scientific exhibits, tours and several opportunities for guests to do their own experiments (under supervision of course). One of the museum’s main highlights is the “lightning room”, an auditorium that could seat 120 guests who wanted to watch a presentation about electricity featuring a giant Tesla Coil that could produce lightning bolts.


Children and adults who are into astronomy could also enjoy the museum since the Melbourne Planetarium is also on site. Every presentation includes 30 minutes recorded audio-visual feature about astronomy followed by a live presentation of the present night sky to educate the guests on how they could learn more about space even if sitting down in their own backyard.

For The Thrill Seeker

Kids will always be enthralled by amusement parks. Fortunately, Melbourne has one in Port Phillip Bay. Since it opened in 1912, it has been in operation ever since. Featuring the world’s roller coaster, the Scenic Railway, this is one of three rollercoasters in the world that is operating with a brakeman. Its Magical Carousel, built in 1913, a year later than the roller coaster has 68 horses and chariots, with the horses having each individual name.

For The Bookworm

Numerous children’s story books featured Puffing Billy, the train that ran a railway in the Dandenong Ranges in Melbourne. One of the most popular steam railways in the world, Puffing Billy became one of Melbourne’s tourist attraction thanks to Puffing Billy’s appearances not just on books but on several television shows as well. Planning a family trip does not have to be stressful. Include your children in the planning stage. Lay out to them several options and hear their suggestions and feedbacks. Let everyone choose their preferred activities and if possible, do all of those for everyone to enjoy and have a memorable family vacation.

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