There is no arguing that Australia is a culturally diverse nation.  For that very reason there is just so much variety and so many different flavours to choose from when it comes to food. There are food items that are indigenous to the country as well as those that are inspired by the people who have made Australia their home over the years. You know what this also means? No matter where you are from if you feel a little homesick for a dish from back home, you can guarantee that you will find it here. Here are some of these unique and delicious eats that you should try out some of which are authentic to Australia.

How About Some Grub?

We are not talking about the rhetorical term of ‘do you want some grub’ we are talking literally squirming and squishy little Witchetty Grubs. While it has to be agreed upon that it does take a really strong stomach and nerves of steel to try raw grubs, you will sigh with relief when you know that these are crunchy and actually packed with loads of flavour. Once you forget the fact that you just bit into a raw grub (mind over matter foodies) you will definitely love the nutty flavours that these little grubs carry in them. The food was introduced first by the indigenous people of the land and has survived for thousands of years since never losing its popularity or originality. The only negative is that it is a raw insect. The positives though far outnumber that one small negative. Go on get some grub and make sure it is the Witchetty kind.

Flavours Inspired From Around the World

Now that you tried something so incredibly authentic, why not try something that is not so much as authentic as they are varied and delicious. From famously delicious dumplings south yarra to spiced Indian teas and Spanish paella that smells like heaven, no matter what style of cuisine you are looking for, you will find it in some part of Australia. What you will find really depends on how far you are willing to travel for it but if that is not an issue you will be able to treat yourself to the flavours of the world in one country.

Soft and Melt In Your Mouth Lamingtons

These little cakes are referred to as the National Cake of Australia. They were also declared as one of the favourite icons of Australia by the National Trust of Queensland. The cake is actually rather surprisingly simple though for this level of recognition the amazing flavour explosion that it brings could very well be the reason behind its popularity. It is a simple sponge cake that is coated in thick and gooey chocolate with a generous dusting of desiccated coconut stuck onto that chocolaty goodness. You can already tell how great that is going to be right? Sometimes, the cake is cut in half and filled with cream or jam in the middle and most of the time it is served plain. You can also enjoy these easily at almost any eatery and the perfect accompaniment to this would be a good hot pot of freshly brewed tea or coffee.

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