Weekends are the best part of every week. They give you something to look forward to after the tedious, stressful and long weekdays at work. It is finally the time for you to relax and refresh yourself with your family and friends before facing another hectic Monday morning.

Spending lazy weekends at home is very tempting. But, for a change, why don’t you try out new things to make your weekend more alive and refreshing? Here are some of the fun and quirky ideas to spend the weekends with your family and friends:

Going To an Open Mic Night

Instead of lazing around and lying around on your couch while binge-watching your favourite television series, why not try going to an open mic night? It is a great way to relieve stress by getting a good laugh or listening to good music. It can even be a way for you to find new friends. Moreover, you can even sign up for a slot and give comedy or music a go. Who knows, it could be the start of something new for you? You will never know until you try.

Watching a Magic Show

Another great way to make your weekend fun is by watching a magic show. What is cooler than witnessing illusions and magic tricks right before your very eyes? It can be a challenge to try to decipher the tricks behind the illusions. Better yet, become a volunteer to make the experience more memorable and one of a kind. Get in touch with the child within you once again as you get awed with the different magic tricks and illusions that the professional magicians make. There are magic shows in Melbourne that you can watch. You will definitely enjoy these shows especially if you join in with your family and friends.

Go Hiking With Friends

What greater way to enjoy the weekend than to get out with your friends and going on a hike? It is an excellent way to appreciate the beauty of nature and spend time with each other as well. Hiking is not only good for your health and well-being, it is also a way to be closer to nature as possible and seeing its beauty first hand.

Visit the Zoo with Your Family

It is always fun to spend time with your family. This time, make it more memorable by going to the zoo together. Children are the best people to bring to the zoo because they are always in awe of new things and seeing new species will definitely make them excited. It is hard not to feel infected with kids’ excitement so if you are going to the zoo, make it more special by bringing your kids with you.

After every week of struggle and stress at work, the best thing that could take place is a nice weekend that you will truly enjoy. Wherever you decide to go, the real important part is having to spend all these great activities with the people you love and care for. Make every week special by spending it with them and always finding new and exciting ways to have a weekend to remember.

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