Travel provides a wide range of benefits to a person’s life. You get to discover more of yourself, it makes you smarter, widens your horizon, helps you to understand other culture, religion, and tradition, deepens personal relationships, boosts your immunity and mental health, and a whole lot more. Having limited money and time is not an excuse for you not to travel. There are budget airfares you can get. Do it while you are still young. Go to places you have never been before. Include India in your bucket list because there is a lot to do and see in every turn or town you go. To give you an idea, here is the list of activities to in India.

Visit Temples

Religious beliefs and practices are diverse in India. According to the 2011 census, almost 80 percent of the community in India practices Hinduism while the remaining percentage believes in Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and Sikhism. According to History, Hinduism is the oldest religion and the third largest in the whole world. It dates back to 5,000 years ago. Hindus are not strict with the practices. People who believe in it can worship at home or any place where they feel comfortable. However, the devotees perform a ritual every day, doing praises after taking a bath during daybreak. There are a lot of temples that you can go to in India. Make sure to know the do’s and don’ts before you plan your visit.

Get Closer to Nature

India has a lot to give to both local and foreign tourists when it comes to food and travel. Every turn you make, there is an exciting activity to do or place to visit. Kerala is a popular tourist destination in the southern part of India because of its charming atmosphere and one of a kind culture. Moreover, unlike the other places in India, Kerala can provide your much-needed R&R or relax and relaxation. Become closer to nature by doing a simple wildlife tour, animal watching, bamboo rafting, dining in a floating restaurant and staying in a tree house.  Also, consider luxury touring in Kerala. They can arrange your tour according to your likes or interests.

Do Yoga

Yoga is known to provide benefits to your health. It allows you to have a deeper sleep at night, boosts immunity, improves body posture, gives you peace of mind, helps you focus, protects your spine, relieves anxiety and stress, and regulates blood pressure and sugar levels among others. So when you visit India, do not miss attending one of the yoga sessions to learn the best breathing, and cleansing techniques and improve your practice.

Sample Authentic Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine will tickle your taste buds for sure with a variety of spices and exotic ingredients they use. Usually, they include around 20 spices in different dishes, and each provides a number of health benefits and makes an ordinary-looking dish taste exquisite.

India is a fascinating country to visit because of the endless activities you can do alone or with a companion.

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